Laura and the Final Liberation
Book Four of The Minstrel's Song Series

Laura and the Final Liberation
Laura and Stewart must now enter the eastern kingdom of Ankára, long isolated from the rest of the world, where rumor has it an abominable practice persists, long ago rejected by the other four realms. They were warned not to venture into that land by Amenophis, the wisest man in Reelobha, however Laura believes she has made an arrangement with the High Priestess, Kalista, which will assure her safety. The problem is – which side is Kalista really on?

Quantos and his priest friends travel to the beautiful volcanic island off the east coast of Ankára to meet King Thaddeus and enlist his help in their war to regain dominion of the known world. Now it might be the King’s turn to become a tool in the Priests deadly game but his lust for power could easily blind him to any such possibility.  Ankára begins to build its army of mercenaries which will rely on the terrible magical weapons Quantos and the priests are building. Who will have the power and dominion when the conflict is finally over?  What will the war be like into which nearly every able-bodied man in the known world is being drawn?

These questions and others concerning the characters you have come to know over the course of the four novels are answered in this the final volume of The Minstrel’s Song series. But as in the previous volumes, the most important questions that real life itself poses are also dealt with in a clear, easy-to-understand, and poignant story. Such eternal questions as; ‘what is the purpose of the created worlds?’ and ‘does evil actually exist?’ are answered for the thoughtful reader. Come again into the world of Laura, the Master Minstrel of Verdenia for one last time.

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