Quantos and the Quest for Dominion
Book Three of The Minstrel's Song Series

StewartThe story of the ancient land of Verdenia at the beginning of the third age unfolds further with this episode in which Quantos struggles to gain ascendance and reclaim the power to which he believes he is the sole and rightful heir. During his failed attempt (detailed in book two of the series) to quickly take control of the mysterious mountain realm with its marble-like temple of black glass a few people have gotten a taste of his ambition and each reacts differently; some such as the long suppressed priests are easily seduced by his dream of world domination; while others, mostly followers of the ancient spiritual teachings of the Aheemsa, vow they will never submit.

Read and watch in this volume as Quantos plots and schemes to take control of the two southern realms of Verdenia, first in the rainforests of Sakrodha where the people travel almost exclusively on the great river Ajara, and then in the deserts of Reelobha in the depths of which exists the abandoned capital of Baibek, an oasis where the priests control the magical object called the Scroll of Vigyan. This object is one of the precious upayas originally constructed by the dark wizard Lavros in antiquity enabling him and his priests to control their followers.

While Quantos is developing his master plan, Laura continues the ancient peaceful traditions of the Aheemsa, the Master Minstrel, in whom dwells the wisdom of the immortals. So far she has escaped the wrath of Quantos because he does not see her as a threat, but other dangers lie in wait in the eastern kingdom of Ankára where Quantos will begin to gather his army of mercenaries and assemble their terrible magical weapons.

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