Stewart and the Legend of Lavros
Book Two of The Minstrel's Song Series

StewartAt the end of the novel, Laura and the Ancient Enigma, Laura and Stewart are about to get married. This novel takes up the story just days later right after their wedding. A troubling character by the name of Quantos arrives on the scene and tries to get Laura’s grandfather, Darrius to join him on a small expedition into the newly revealed mountain realm at the very heart of the world of Verdenia, a realm formerly cut off and totally inaccessible for over two thousand years.

Darrius, having known Quantos for a long time, is highly suspicious of him because he has led a mysterious life and has seldom been seen, yet he, like Darrius, is also a professed apprentice of the Aheemsa, the Master Minstrel. After some discussion a hasty decision is made by Laura and Stewart that Stewart will take Darrius’s place on the expedition so that someone can keep an eye on Quantos.

Quantos entices a wealthy man by the name of Henrik to sponsor his expedition by dropping hints about crystal caves, gold, and other wealth he says has been lost for over two thousand years in the inaccessible mountains. Henrik agrees to pay for the expedition as long as he and his servant, Orn can accompany them, a stipulation Quantos does not like but must agree to.

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