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Laura and the Ancient Enigma
Book One of The Minstrel's Song Series

Begin your journey to ancient Verdenia with Laura and her teacher the Master Minstrel; see what you make of the timeless malevolent spirit, Thrakatapol.
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Stewart and the Legend of Lavros
Book Two of The Minstrel's Song Series

Explore the mountain realm with Stewart and discover the spectacular home of the greatest sorcerer who ever lived.
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Quantos and the Quest for Dominion
Book Three of The Minstrel's Song Series

Driven from the mountain realm, will Quantos and his friends survive entrapment in the beautiful canyon of Rolling Mist Falls? The Minstrel's Song tetralogy continues in Book III which answers that question, then takes the reader through the extreme environments of desert and rain forest in southern Verdenia as Quantos and his fellow priests use any means imaginable to reclaim the power of the sorcerer Lavros.
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Laura and the Final Liberation
Book Four of The Minstrel's Song Series

Quantos, high priest of Lavros and master of the power of the mysterious black crystal, needs help to complete his return to dominion in ancient Verdenia. Will Thaddeus, the King of the eastern realm be willing to help? What will it cost the King if he agrees? And more importantly, what part will Laura play in the great conflict that will surely follow?
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