Laura and the Ancient Enigma
Book One of The Minstrel's Song Series

Perhaps the ultimate power of fantasy lies in its ability to show human beings from new and unique points of view. One academic definition of the fantastic in literature says it is a psychological affect created by the sudden reversal of assumptions held by the reader at a given moment.

In Laura and the Ancient Enigma the reader will find two seemingly impossible phenomena, an immense ancient wall made of blocks of stone as large as houses, Laura's gooseand a rude, tempestuous, outlandish, discarnate spirit called Thrakatapol. Being thousands of years old, both of these are accepted as permanent fixtures in Laura’s world.

Upon the mysterious disappearance of her Master, the Aheemsa or Master minstrel, Laura takes on that role out of necessity and sensing a connection between the wall and Thrakatapol she begins working out the truth, the ancient Enigma of her world. This truth, she realizes, must be understood not only by her, but by the powerful spirit itself.  In order to resolve the dilemma, she embarks on a delicate attempt to establish a relationship with Thrakatapol. All of this takes place against a backdrop of impending war between Laura’s homeland and a neighboring kingdom which Thrakatapol has been working to instigate for several generations.

Read an excerpt from Laura and the Ancient Enigma.

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